AQUAVET is a leading aquaculture consulting, training, research, and technical support company, providing high quality cost effective products. The company has grown to become the leading independent aquaculture health and nutrition company providing aquaculture services supporting the aquaculture industry while building bridges connects between practical fish farming and scientific knowledge . Our highly qualified and experienced staff and personnel, the company draws on a wealth of experience and expertise covering all aspects of aquaculture planning, development and operation. As part of its sustained commitment to increase training and educational opportunities in topics related to marine and fresh farming industry. we offer a number of short, intensive, hands-on courses in the aquaculture sciences.

Our Mission

The mission of the AQUAVET is to contribute to the development of the aquaculture Business future in order to enhance producer performance in a challenging industry environment. We ensure the highest quality of consulting service by competent experienced stuff and continuously providing science based solutions to solve aquaculture challenging problems that advance business practices.

Our Vision

To be recognized as one of the top aquaculture service providers company in the Middle East & Africa that offers rigorous consultancy and high quality solutions. as well as Aquaculture related research and development


Trust , Competence, Working with integrity

Our Services

Cost effective products

Water quality improvers & growth promototres & Immune enhancers .
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Aquaculture Consulting

Helping fish feed mills and fish farmers to get more from less.

Aquaculture Training

Providing training in all aspects of aquaculture for freshly graduates and fish farmers.
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Research & Develoment

Finding out science based solutions for the industry problems.

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